Step 1 > Client should raise complaint from their registered email address

Step 2 > Client should write complete details of the grievance in the email

Step 3 > We have a designated investor grievances email id, that is [email protected], for DP related to [email protected] on which the client or investor can make a complaint

Step 4 > We maintain investor grievance register in which full detail of every written complaint shall be entered

Step 5 > Designated person shall login to the designated investor grievances email id on daily basis to look after the investor complaint whether new complaint has been lodged or not

Step 6 > Email must be written to all the investor who have submitted written complaints by the designated person or Compliance Officer acknowledging receipt of the complaint and informing them it will be dealt with

Step 7 > Compliance / Designated Team will obtain all information available on the complaint which is considered necessary for a proper investigation. Look into all the necessary information and try to resolve as soon as possible

Step 8 > We aim to resolve the issues within 24hrs; however, it depends on the criticality and the scale of the issue raised

Step 9 > If there is no timely response, Clients Should follow the escalation matrix shown below

Level Name Designation E-mail Mobile Time
Level:1 Name:Jai Kumar Designation:Customer Care E-mail:[email protected] Mobile:+91 7899355347 Time:09:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Level:2 Name:Lavanya M Designation:Head of Client Support E-mail:[email protected] Mobile:+91 7760462442 Time:09:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Level:3 Name:Rajkiran A Nayak Designation:Head of Compliance E-mail:[email protected] Mobile:+91 7259106110 Time:09:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Level:4 Name:Vikram A V Designation:CEO E-mail:[email protected] Mobile:+91 9900088267 Time:09:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Step 1 > Clients will receive the acknowledgement email for the query raised

Step 2 > Clients will receive periodic email updates on open issue

Step 3 > Clients will finally obtain complaint resolution email